MATV & IPTV System

MATV System

Infosat Device

The Infosat brand is over 15 years of experience in Hotels, Apartments, School, Restaurants, Hospitals headend solution, our knowledge and technical expertise can create valuable solutions to meet your requirements Especially in Digital System (DVB-C, DVBS/S2, DVB-T and IPTV) as well. The development of wide band and popularization of intellectualized service, digital TV service becomes diversified day by day with integrating live programs, entertainment, games travel and business in one system, Hospitals, hotels and operators can only increase their brand visibility and customer satisfaction by providing more multimedia service and more enjoyable experience.

Infosat also have many equipment for using in particular system such as Splitter, Tap-Off, Optical Fiber-Cable and Multi-Switch, etc.

The whole system is self-research and developed, which make is easy for the after-sale maintenance.